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Painful Menstrual Periods Curability

1. what is your age?
2. Are you pregnant?  
3. Do you have pain in the lower abdomen?  
4. Have you had a pelvic infection or sexually transmitted disease in the past?  
5. Do you have an abnormal vaginal discharge?  
6. Have you measured your temperature?  
7. Have you been vomiting?  
8. Do you have pain or burning during urination?  
9. Has your urine become red or pink?  
10. Have you had a urinary tract infection in the past?  
11. Are you urinating more frequently than usual?  
12. Have you developed new pain in your back?  
13. Do you constantly feel the urge to urinate?  
14. Do you have a tampon or another object stuck in the vagina?  
15. Do you have vaginal bleeding?  
16. Do you have pain in your lower abdomen during sexual intercourse?  
17. Does the interval of time vary between your menstrual periods?  
18. Do you have episodes of pain in your lower abdomen in between your periods?  
19. Have you had painful menstrual periods for more than 3 months?  
20. Is your menstrual pain worsening?  
21. Have you had an ovarian cyst that caused similar symptoms in the past?  

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