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Autism is the common term for a range of disabilities medically classified as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD). Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by qualitative differences in the development of cognitive, language, social or motor skills, and these are usually apparent before age three.Autism is not a puzzle, nor a disease. Autism is a challenge but certainly not a divesting one. It is about finding a way to survive in an overwhelming confusing world. It is about developing differently in a different pace and with different leaps Wish you could see the World thru their eyes....., Autism....... They see things differently "Your child has Autism", parents get alarmed on hearing these words. Autism is a neurological disorder that causes developmental problems initiating during childhood and lasting all through life. Autism is not a mental illness and is not a consequence of inappropriate parenting or psycho-social problems at home, hence parents are not accountable for their child's problem. Children with Autism develop differently from other children in different areas of growth. They might have delays in language, social, and cognitive skills, while their motor skills might be the same as other children their age. They might be very capable at putting puzzles together or solving computer problems, but not very proficient at easy things like talking or making friends. An Autistic child might also learn a skill and then not recall it. For example, a child may be able to say many words, but later stop talking altogether. Autism affects the way the brain functions, resulting in difficulties with communication and social interaction, and unusual patterns of behaviour, activities and interests. As of 2006, it's estimated that about 1% of all children, or one child in every 110, was classified as having an Autism. While the exact cause of Autism is unknown, and there are no shortage of theories, ranging from vaccine use to vitamin D deficiency as an environmental trigger, this post will briefly review some nutritional research around diet and it's impact on autism symptoms. Key measures to be followed A correct History of the Child including the Behavior. Noting down the expressions of the patient. Physical complaints conditions of aggravation & Amelioration. Education in special school to make them self efficient. Approach to the patient based on individuality. Selection of the remedy after analysis and evaluation. To consider the response and the likely line of treatment. Maintaining a Note book and noting the changes that occur to evaluate the case. Dietary intervention

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