Vikram Bhanot

Dr Makkar is very good doctor for all ailments especially in male & female related complications.

Mohit Sharma

Dr. G S Makkar is well versed homeopath, the way he consults and treat patients is really admirable, I researched a lot about him before going to him and once I met him I found that Dr. Makkar is much above than reviewed. The most humble and intelligent doctor I have met, who has joined this profession to really serve people

Jatinder Singh

Dr Makkar honest, humble and hardworking Homoeopathic physician, he has an experience of treating many patients from India and abroad.Acc To DR MAKKAR 'Healthy People Wealthy Nation'‎ He is providing health to rural areas of punjab & online consultation. If you are suffering from long time your search for cure will end here i am big admirer & patient of dr makkar actually he is my Homoeopathic Medical Advisor & doctor for family.Acc to me best dr of my region Chandigarh (mohali ) etc if you say best doctor of punjab it is justified statement acc to me i saw few rare results in Skin Diseases(acne, psoriasis etc),epilepsy,uterine fibroid,ovarian cyst,thyroid,leucorrhoea & sexual disease are the speciality of dr makkar.In our city he is famous for good treatment in effective price.Sukhmani clinic provide world class medicine at best price .


Male Sex treatment cured successfully by homeopathy. I like to share my experience so that others can get help from Dr Makkar. I am 60 years suffering from ED from last 15 year as a major Post diabetes condition doctors in punjab told me no hope .But Dr Makkar Tagline I read Hope for hopeless patients. I started treatment within month improvement occur ,after 5 month I felt like young man in vigor & strength. The Treatment provided to me hope confidence and Mental satisfaction. Now my married life is all well.Best sexologist in Chandigarh.

Jagmeet Singh

I was suffering from frequent stone related problem while i am taking medicine for years .It occurs again and again i am fed up of this .One day i decide & search on-line luckily i get sir website adress.Information provide on site is very helpful in brief details .I call doctor & Take appointment Dr observe i had digestive issue .We done few test of urine & blood .He easily found cause is uric acid than after careful case taking Dr asked me someone in family have same issue .My mother also have same issue of Uric acid or Gout .My last stone i diagnosed in laboratory is uric acid stone . After that doctor told me to take low protein diet .Now more than one year i am thankful to careful observation i am free of dilemma of medicine .No more depression of taking medicine.

Lucky Mahajan

I am suffering from weight loss ,allergy & migraine ,I am taking treatment for all problem .When i visit Dr Makkar they inform me basic root cause is allergy (rhinitis ) leads to sinusitis leads to headache or migraine .Long term post nasal discharge lead to stomach disturbance which leads to weight loss .In Four month course i fully recovered of my illness .i advice other people for all type of chronic ailments are curable under Dr Makkar treatment.


Dr Makkar Homeopathy treatment cured Thyroid and gave a new meaning to my life I visited Dr Makkar homeopathy Clinic & Research Centre , with a discouraging look and a bagful of reports. I had stopped my allopathy treatment nearly 2 years .I was dejected by the outcome of my previous allopathy treatment. My last report showed that the viability of Thyroid Disappointed by this I had stopped all treatments thinking that my future was sealed with no hope of good life. Persuaded by a relative I resorted to Dr Makkar homeopathy. Considering my case study — Dr.Makkar prescribed me Homeopathy medicine and i was advised to come every month to the clinic for the follow up analysis to be done once every 3 months. In the every month of the treatment I got my thyroid analysis and found to my surprise thyroid ok even after completing medicine course for month & months after no problem occur . I advice you must visit clinic once

RP Singh Tinnitus fully recovered by Homeopathy

I am fully recovered of Tinnitis under treatment of Dr Makkar I strongly suggest please take treatment from Dr Makkar my video ou can check in Youtube channel of Dr Makkar

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Clinic Address:
NH21- Kharar GTB,Sector-14 , 174,
Opp. Civil Hospital Kurali NH21
New Bela Chownk, Kharar, Punjab, India

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